Your First Home? The Right Realtor Is The Key.

Your First Home? The Right Realtor Is The Key. Many first-time buyers think that getting the best deal is easy. Nothing could be further from the truth. With foreclosures, short-sales and some homeowners not understanding the true value of their home, the choices are numerous but as confusing as ever. More than ever a buyer needs a professional real estate agent to guide them through the process from shopping to contract presentation to settlement. There are many reasons not to go it alone–

The purchase of real estate represents the most important purchase a person makes in a lifetime. A purchase costing hundreds of thousands of dollars is not simple–it is complex. There are a multitude of things which can go wrong. With a Realtor leading you, there is a greater chance that your important purchase will be successful rather than winding up being arbitrated in a court of law!

The purchase of a home can be a very stressful experience. Face it– many of us get stressed when we spend a few hundred dollars on clothes. Yes, buying a home should be a wonderful experience. But anytime you spend thousands upon thousands of dollars, there is bound to be some stress. Trying to purchase real estate without assistance just adds to the stress. Are you making the right decisions? Is there a better way? A Realtor has the experience to let you know for sure.

You really don’t have the time. One point which really is true of the vast majority of today’s consumers is that they don’t have enough time. Each year we are introduced to more and more time saving instruments. Smart phones, tablets and more. And each year we have less and less time. Selling and purchasing a home is a very time-consuming process–if you would like it accomplished most successfully. A Realtor is there to save you time.

How does a Realtor save you time? In a multitude of ways. Did you know how many vendors must be selected for a home sale and purchase? Here are a few–

• Moving company • Insurance agent • Mortgage loan officer • Pest control company • Appraiser • Settlement agent • Home inspection company • Advertising vehicles

The above list does not even include such other entities which will have to be notified or involved such as utility companies, homeowner’s associations and more. How many of the above vendors do you have relationships with? How long would it take you to evaluate the services of each? A real estate professional already has relationships with many vendors in each category.

Bank sales require even more assistance. Negotiating with a bank is much more difficult than dealing with an individual. The process can be excruciating. It is more difficult to access a home that may be neglected because it has been vacant. Traversing this process alone can be especially daunting and any mistake could cost tens of thousands of dollars.

How else can the Realtor save me time? The Realtor will make sure you are pre-approved before you start looking for homes. This will ensure that you do not look at homes for which you could not obtain a loan. Conversely, if you are not a first-time buyer, the Realtor will make sure potential buyers of your home are pre-approved so you are not accepting contracts from those who could not consummate the purchase.

Bidding on a property with multiple offers? Even in a buyer’s market, well priced and desirable properties can attract multiple offers. In this case, it is even more important that you are able to act quickly, professionally and make the best impression. How do you do that? A real estate professional will advise you every step of the way.

Can’t seem to find the right home? Buyers working on their own tend to find out about hot homes after they are sold. That is because many homes are not even listed on Multiple Listing Services before offers are made. Desirable properties move quickly. The inside information comes from–you guessed it–a Realtor.

So why leave such an important financial transaction to chance? If you are thinking of buying or selling–talk to the right Realtor first. Not sure who the right Realtor is? We can help you find the right professional for your needs.