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Change of Address Checklist: Moving to Your New Home

We know there is a lot to keep track of when you are planning a move. On top of packing up boxes, finalizing loan details, doing the home inspection and walkthroughs – you also have to plan on a lot of address changes. We’ve pulled together a downloadable checklist to help you stay organized and included a few highlights below.

Post office: This is a good place to start to ensure any mail sent to your old place will be forwarded to your new one. You will want to do this at least a week before moving day.

Tax agencies: Contact both the federal revenue agency and your state tax agency and let them know about the change in address. The IRS and most states have online forms to help simplify this process.

Gas and electric: You’ll want to notify your gas and electric companies as soon as you know what date you plan on moving in. Arrange for a shut-off date at your old place at the end of the day, so you don’t get stuck moving in the dark.

Phone, cable, and internet: Similarly to gas and electric, you’ll want to update your phone and internet providers as soon as possible.

Other utilities: If you’re responsible for paying for all of your utilities, make sure to notify the water department, sewer utility company, garbage/recycling company, and anything else you’re responsible for.

Home or renter’s insurance: Let your insurance agency know where they should transfer your policy too. Specifically with renter’s insurance, many landlords and apartment complexes want proof of insurance before you move in. Be sure to take care of this as soon as possible.

Bank and credit card company: Call your bank and credit card company or see if you can update your address online.

Other financial agencies: If you receive money from other financial agencies (such as credit unions, PayPal, an IRA/401k administration, or an investment account holder), be sure to let them know about your new address so you don’t miss any payments.

Miscellaneous: You’ll also want to update any online shopping accounts, food delivery services, and navigation apps on your phone. No one plans to have pizza delivered to a previous address but the new residents may enjoy the mix-up!

Finally, don’t forget about any of your furry family members! Making sure to update your veterinarian’s office and pet insurance.

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