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mclean mortgage logo

Our company logo is our most valuable asset in building brand recognition. It should be used on all marketing collateral including but not limited to: printed advertisements, flyers, banners, presentations and websites. 


To achieve a clean and consistent visual brand, logo placement should be considered carefully and respectfully. Only approved variations may be used. The McLean Mortgage Logo should not be distorted or altered in any way.

  • Do not crop off any part of the logo.
  • Do not stretch, distort or rearrange any of the elements.
  • Do not change colors.
  • The logo should be used on contrasting backgrounds to ensure readability.
  • Avoid using the logo over top of a busy background as this can reduce legibility.

Logo Colors

Gold Leaf

Green Text

Pantone: 316 C
Hex:  #024a49
RGB: 2, 74, 73
CMYK: 92,51, 62, 41

Pantone: 316 C
Hex:  #024a49
RGB: 2, 74, 73
CMYK: 92,51, 62, 41

Additional Assets

Gold leaf in logo

The maple leaf is the most recognizable element to the McLean Mortgage logo and can be used as a stand alone design element for branding.

Equal Housing Lender Logo

The EHL shows that we provide equal lending opportunities everyone.

Our company disclaimer uniquely identifies McLean Mortgage Corporation as a loan origination company.

McLean Mortgage Corporation | NMLS #99665 (

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