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Making the journey smooth for everyone

Designed to meet both the demands of today's buyers and sellers.

Are you looking to purchase a home in a competitive market?

Sellers, are you wondering if the buyer of your home is really qualified?

Our exclusive LoanFirstSM program is right for you.

First Time Home Buyers

Why choose LoanFirst℠ for your first home purchase?

  • Save time because you will know what home you can purchase.
  • Peace of mind because we can help you to resolve all potential financing issues before you purchase.
  • Save money because you will have more negotiating power with the seller and won’t need to over offer to show you are serious.
  • Go to closing more quickly because we work while you shop for your home free of concerns.
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Buyers in a Competitive Market

Why choose LoanFirst℠ for your preapproval?

  • Confidence to offer quickly when you find your dream home because you have already taken the first step.
  • Peace of mind from being a LoanFirst℠ purchaser, having gone through credit underwriting by a qualified underwriter leaves nothing to chance.
  • Rise to the top as your loan qualifications present better when sellers are faced with multiple offers.
  • Win seller approval by closing more quickly with fast-tracked underwriting.
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For Savvy Sellers, Why Should You Insist on a LoanFirstSM?

Peace of Mind

A LoanFirst℠ purchaser goes through credit underwriting by a qualified underwriter. You’ll know your potential buyer can purchase the house.

Save Time and Money

A LoanFirst℠ purchaser can go to settlement more quickly having completed the underwriting process prior to contract. All financing contingencies have been met and you can expect a smooth closing.

Less Stress

Pre-qualification letters leave more chances that your transaction may follow a rocky path instead of smooth sailing. Buyers with a LoanFirst℠ Pre-Approval have had their finances verified and are literally “pre-approved” to buy, not just “pre-qualified.”

Take your first step toward your new home

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