Renovation worries have you feeling grumpy or perplexed?  

Don't worry, we have you covered with flexible mortgage solutions to cover minor remodels like kitchens and baths or major projects such as structural overhauls or whole house upgrades and modernization (goodbye, linoleum and laminate counters!).

You can Turn a Top Choice into a Dream home!

Why not finance a small repair or cosmetic improvement to help you get off the fence?

By allowing an improvement to the home, you give yourself the ability to customize a home to your own personal needs.
Renovation loans are great for cosmetic fixes such as: paint, flooring, counter tops, replacement windows, or
non-structural projects like furnace, roof, HVAC, and more.  However, we even have mortgage loan solutions for larger projects so CONTACT US today to learn more and take a swing at that fixer-upper.


New & Improved!

• Purchase or refinance option for any renovation project.
• Up to 75% of the as-completed appraised value of the property and up to 97% LTV.
• Can finance accessory units (e.g. in-law suites, basement apartments, etc.)
• Can use ANY contractor/subcontractor for project.


Conventional Streamline Renovation

As little as 5% down on standard and high balance loans.
• Can use up to 15% of the as completed value of the home for renovations.
• Available for primary, second homes, and investment properties.
• Refinances for recent homebuyers looking to cash in on the equity built in their homes.


FHA Limited 203(K)

• As little as 3.5% down on standard and high balance loans.
• Can use up to $35,000 for renovations.
• Available for primary homes only.
• Refinances eligible.

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