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I have been closing loans for 12 years as a closing attorney. I have worked with many different lenders. I want McLean Mortgage to know that they are top notch and the absolute BEST to work with in this area. The loan officers are very competent and stay on top of their loans. The processors are easy to work with and the closing department is phenomenal. I am reminded of how great your company is and how well the system works when I am forced to work with a company that is completely sub par.

Thank you for making processing your loans smooth and enjoyable.
— Kedron A. Springer, Esq. Closing Attorney, Springer Law Group
I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the support that our company has. McLean Mortgage has developed such a strong attitude of doing whatever it takes to get loans closed – from processing to closing – and at the same time maintaining a great team culture. Thanks for everything you have done to build the vision of the company we have now and what we will continue to become. A loan officer is only as good as the weakest link in the process so if we fell short in any area we would not be able to have the raving fans that we have today.
— Mike Stein McLean Mortgage Top Producer and Branch Manager
What I love about McLean Mortgage is that I can confidently promise a closing date to home buyers and their real estate agents and know that the company will deliver on that promise. The company knows how to close loans and this gives me a decided advantage over many others in this industry. My income has increased significantly during my time with McLean and their superior levels of support has been a significant part of this trend. From technology to marketing, I know I will have access to the best here as the company is always striving to get better.
— Troy Toureau Top 200 National Originator and Branch Manager
McLean has the best closing department ever. I want you to know, I thought I was going to have a heart attack tomorrow, before the day even got here due to the storm and the closings moving everywhere on the calendar. I found relief since your closing department is able to do closing packages ahead of time. It really makes a difference. I also know that the closing department is able to do their job well, because great loan officers do their job on the front end well. Please send this to upper management at your company, they really need to know what an awesome job your entire office does! You guys are my heroes.
— Debbie Smith First United Title, Virginia Beach
I’ve picked up 3 new agents due to LoanFirstSM and they’ve sent me 4 leads. Three of those leads are getting documentation together so we can submit their application. I really see the value in this program.
— Darius Jenkins Loan Officer