Mortgage Insurance Payment Eliminator℠


Save cash and get maximum deduction for your mortgage payment!*

  • What if your mortgage lender was willing to pay for your mortgage insurance costs?

  • What if there were no upfront costs to you?

  • What if this allowed you to eliminate non-deductible insurance costs?

The Mortgage Insurance Payment Eliminator from McLean Mortgage allows you to do just that! Let us cover your mortgage insurance

The Mortgage Insurance Eliminator Plus Program enables McLean Mortgage to cover mortgage insurance payments on your behalf. Because interest is tax deductible on primary residences and second homes, this means you are able to take advantage of maximum tax deductions* while you minimize the cash you will need to purchase a home.

If you are putting less than 20% down on a conventional home loan, you must pay for mortgage insurance coverage that protects lenders against default. Mortgage insurance payments may or may not be tax deductible* and/or may require significant cash up front.

Exclusive Offer!