Nominate Your Wingman!

We are excited to welcome this year’s Keynote Speaker for the 2019 Sales Kick Off !

Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman

He will be your “wingman” for the day and, following his keynote presentation, will host a panel designed to take a more intense view at the key elements of being a preferred partner or “wingman”. We feel your added influence to this year’s panel would bring a unique perspective our Sales Kick Off. Please review the form below and nominate your “wingman or wingwoman” today!


Who is your Wingman or Wingwoman?

What are we talking about? Who is that mentor or professional partner that always seems to have the right words to motivate you or sparks that new connection that grows your business? That is your Wingman or Wingwoman. This can be a mentor from within our organization, a preferred partner or one of your top Realtors. Please complete the form below and all nominations will be reviewed for placement on the Keynote Panel. We will notify you if your nomination is selected for our panel.

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Name of Wingman or Wingwoman Nomination?
Name of Wingman or Wingwoman Nomination?