Biggest Summer Architecture Trends: Blurring the Lines Between Indoor and Outdoor living

Summer and outdoor living are nearly synonymous these days. The more you improve your outdoor spaces, the more you will reject being housebound over time, according to architects who keep their eye on the biggest trends right now.

Forbes looked to award-winning architect Kobi Karp who says one of the biggest trends in architecture right now is blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Karp, known for designing some of Miami's most renowned buildings, has the philosophy that the home is an expression of the individual, both inside and outside. "These outdoor spaces create an environment that is more healthy, more zen, more true to our nature as human beings and feel different at sunrise and sunset," he says. "We respond to seasonal changes, feel more human outdoors, and more comfortable having our heart to heart talks in these spaces, especially when the weather is accommodating."

When it comes to building, designing or remodeling your home, he suggests, above all else, doing everything possible to add more natural light in and then to think about what features speak to your lifestyle the most. No need for an outdoor kitchen if you don't like to cook, for instance. You may instead bask more readily in a covered terrace with speakers hidden everywhere so you feel as if you are on vacation every day.

While outdoor kitchens continue to enjoy huge popularity, the latest trends, according to Forbes writer Amanda Lauren, are budding out rooftop spaces and adding Japanese style outdoor bathrooms and bathroom sundecks. "An outdoor shower is classic. It's also relatively affordable for both for new builds and existing homes., says Lauren. "Outdoor tubs are another trend, albeit not as practical as a shower is." Sundecks are catching on in warmer climates, where you can simply open the doors and let the outside air in. This also provides more privacy than other options. The sundeck can also make a smaller bathroom feel more spacious.

Gaming is not lost on outdoor spaces, it seems, and we're not just talking about playing croquet. According to Lauren, large outdoor chess sets and putting greens are the most sophisticated. "But for the sake of practicality, homeowners should put more consideration into what activities their family will enjoy most. Checkers, bocce courts, and even cornhole are other options," she says.

More and more homeowners are looking to make entire walls into glass these days, redefining indoor and outdoor boundaries and allowing for a seamless transition between the spaces. Karp says this is achieved by stretching support columns to their widest point, so the slabs aren't broken up by an interior wall, allowing entry walls to be made of glass, offering homes open and immaculate views.

Source: Forbes, TBWS


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