Amazon Prime Day 2019 Preview: Best Deals on Smart Home Gadgets

Amazon Prime Day is now less than a week away. The online retail giant's massive sales event starts this coming Monday, July 15, and Prime Day runs for 48 hours, confirming earlier Amazon leaks. This year's Prime Day should be an awesome opportunity to start your smart home or expand it, with deals on a wide variety of connected gadgets.

Fortunately, some of the deals have already started. You can find discounts on the full-size Amazon Echo, as well as other Amazon devices right now. If last year's Prime Day is any indication, then Amazon is likely to have sales on most of its smart speakers and a wide variety of compatible smart home products.

Whether you’re an Amazon junkie or a Google addict, there is a deal for everyone! Check out some favorite smart home discounts below.

  • Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation) for $24.99 (save $25)

    The Echo Dot has long been one of our favorite smart speakers, and the third-gen version looks less industrial and sounds better than before. It's a great purchase at its normal price of $50, given that you get all of the smarts of Amazon's assistant Alexafor a reasonable splurge and you can plug it into your own sound system. At $25, it's an absolute steal and this is the lowest price we've seen in awhile. This is a good time to jump.

  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro for $170 (save $80)

    Note that this sale is only for Amazon Prime members, with the discount applied at checkout. Right now, you can snag the Ring Video Doorbell Pro for the nice price of $170. The smart doorbell works with Alexa, and lets you check on your porch remotely with an app. You can even tell the delivery person to leave your package with your Amazon Echo Show 5 smart display.

  • Amazon Echo (2nd generation) for $69.99 (save $30)

    If you want Alexa to answer your questions and control your smart home, and you want a smart speaker with a little more oomph in the actual speaker, the Amazon Echo could be the right choice for you. The $70 price is a bargain, but this one could go lower on Prime Day itself.

  • Google Home Mini for $25 (save $24)

    Not to be left out, Google is offering big discounts on smart home products as well. The Google Home Mini is a great alternative to the Amazon Echo Dot. Like the Dot, it packs a lot of smarts into a small and affordable package. If you'd rather center your home around Google Assistant instead of Alexa, this is a great place to start and this is a great time to jump. The $25 price makes the Mini an easy splurge. Note that this deal and the following deals on Google Home products are currently the same at Best Buy and Walmart.

  • Google Home for $69 (save $60)

    The original Google Home mixes smarts and sound quality well for a reasonable price. Google's first smart speaker was designed to compete with the Amazon Echo, and it does so handily, with plenty of features thanks to the built-in Google Assistant. The $69 price is a good deal that mirrors Amazon's similar one on the Echo.

  • Google Nest Hub $79 (save $70)

    While it's not the lowest price we've seen, $79 for the Nest Hub is still a decent deal and the Nest Hub is still our favorite smart display, despite tough new competition. If you want a smart speaker with a touchscreen for extra visuals, this is the one to get. It's particularly great as a family photo frame and as a kitchen assistant.

  • Google Home Max for $249 (save $150)

    The Max was recently on sale for $212, so it could drop again, but $249 is still a bargain. Google's premium smart speaker uses the same assistant as the rest, but soups up the sound quality so your music booms. It's one of the better premium smart speakers out there -- and this price is much easier to swallow than the original $400.

  • Lenovo Smart Clock for $60 (save $20)

    We were hoping for this one. The Lenovo Smart Clock is a great alarm clock that's a little too much at its normal $80 price. At $60, it makes a lot more sense. In addition to voice controls through Google Assistant, you can customize your alarm to control your smart home and wake you up gradually with a sunrise animation.



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