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McLean Mortgage-Why Stage Your Home?

Why You Should Stage Your Home Even When the Market Is Hot

With spring in the air, many people are getting the itch to redecorate and make some updates to their homes. If you’re planning on selling your house, redecorating can be an especially daunting task—but don’t worry. We’ve written a few tips down to help get those creative gears grinding.

Staging is an Investment

A well-decorated living space can be the reason a property sells—and, in many cases, for higher than the asking price. A house that is styled and furnished in good taste translates to competitive offers, increased demand, and a higher sale price. Staged homes also take better pictures, which helps to draw potential buyers in online. Ultimately, the benefits of decorating your home with up-to-date styles will outweigh the initial expenses and yield a far greater return.

Pick a Style That Appeals to the Broadest Market Audience

While everyone has their own unique decorating style, it’s best to decorate your home in a more neutral style when you’re staging your home to sell. If you still live in the house that you’re planning to sell, there are a few ways you can change up a room to make it feel more coordinated.

Firstly, remove older furniture and de-clutter as much as possible. A clean, updated look will encourage potential buyers to contact you. Also, adding a colorful bouquet of flowers or vibrant accent pillows can breathe life into a space. You can stylize shelves with books, candles, and other interesting objects, and hanging artwork on the walls is always a good idea.

Make a Few Easy Improvements

Many homes may need a few quick upgrades before the staging process can begin. These improvements could consist of painting the walls in lighter colors (and making sure any blemishes are cleaned or filled in), installing new carpeting, or upgrading lighting by adding uniform-colored bulbs. You might also want to consider resurfacing kitchen counters and replacing old appliances with new, stainless ones.

Use the Space Wisely

Thoughtful furniture installation and placement can give a buyer an understanding of how to use a space or how to best arrange their own furnishings. It’s always good to remember, though, that not all staging is created equal. Some sellers may prefer a minimalist interior that reflects a page out of a magazine, while another might prefer a cozier, “lived-in” vibe.

Staging lets the seller view their living space from another perspective. It shouldn’t just be about finding the trendiest furniture—a properly staged room should help a buyer feel at home, both physically and emotionally. By looking at the room through the viewpoint of a buyer, the seller can adjust staging accordingly to get the best possible look.


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